In the usual on September 28, 2005 by karan

So here I am, on, and much like Owen posted yesterday, I’m still yet to work out why I’m here. Biggest reason would probably have to be the testing of WordPress 1.6, because while I know the single-user version is alpha, this will have it’s own little bit of support in the form of the managed service. And it’s best to get in on these things early, so you can get used to them and what they can do.

 I’ll use this better than my webloogs site, since i’ve discovered that is running pretty much just on advertising and spam, even if WordPress is probably the worst for comment spamming since it’s so good at blocking them. If that makes sense. The intent here is to use this for the stuff that I would probably bore all my usual readers with over at the dke project. I have to admit also I’m very fond of this wysiwyg editor.

In other words, well done to the WordPress guys, and thanks for the invite. I hope to use it well.


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