In wordpress on October 2, 2005 by karan

Ok, so I’m totally a sucker for fancy new things, so when I see SmartyPress, I instantly go “Oh WordPress, won’t you please please please go over to Smarty Press?”, even though I want WordPress 1.6 as well.

Smarty is a templating library for PHP, and I still think we should have used it for our group project 3302 since it gives just enough power over the presentation that you get work done, but aren’t bogged down in catering for a templating system. “Enough power to shoot yourself in the foot with” is pretty much how it’s been put on the site itself. But yes, from Software Engineering standpoints, the seperation of things like these is vital. Imagine what it could do for WordPress themes. Very cool.

So SmartyPress 1.6 will definitely be something to look forward too, if it ever happens =) I’m going to go trial this on my local box and put it up for using on my site if it passes all the various simple stability tests.


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