Bali, strike 2

In opinion on October 3, 2005 by karan

Now normally I tend to avoid speaking about these things because there’s always an oversupply of opinion and a lack of true understanding, and I don’t even begin to pretend to understand exactly what went on in Bali on October 1. Suffice to say, three people blew themselves up, taking 27 with them and scarring 140 something others. Victims were from all over the world, all ages. Basically, indiscriminate killing.

The biggest question I want to ask is that what has all the words that flowed from Bali the first time, the anti-terror laws, the increased funding for intelligence agencies, the overall hightened state of people’s attention to terrorism, everything – all the excuses that involvement in Iraq didn’t do anything to make us as Australians a ‘bigger target’, that the ‘war on terror’ is actually having an effect. Because it seems to be exactly the opposite. I know terrorist incidents happened before 2001, and with probably as much frequency as they happened before, and now it’s just a case of us being more aware of it. But it seems that with Bush, Blair and Our Bastardness Howard making such an issue of it that it’s only been since then it’s been a huge evil. And isn’t that something the terrorists feed on? They’re like attention seekers with things that go boom and they don’t just want Daddy’s attention. If someone wants to call this World War III, they’d be warranted – it is affective everyone around the world.

It’s ironic this comes in the same week as the IRA disarmament in Ireland. For years, the IRA were the bad guys – fighting on ideological, religious and occupation issues in Northern Ireland. It was later in their fight that they chose to use Sinn Fien, the political wing, and only after this was there any progress. One wonders if it isn’t simply a matter of time and discussion on a rational basis for Al Qaeda and its affiliates.

I can only assume that those who choose to orchestrate these kind of acts understand the implications for those they are associated with, however casually. It’d be a shame if it was simply a blind devotion to the ideals that they proclaim so loudly – foot soldiers may buy the lies, but if the men at the top are not so clever as to have motives beyond those stated, it won’t be anything but a bloodbath that ends it. No, the men at the top understand what effect each attack will have and are using it to further their own ends – the seperation of mixing and cross cultural interaction that they see as a threat to their idealised way of life being primary amongst them in my opinion.
I wonder if the fact that Bali, dependent on the tourist dollar, is being targeted for this. I wonder if Bali is being targeted because it has a small but significant Hindu community which is integrated into the community dependent on tourism. I usually don’t show my bias or my inclinations to hinduism, the religon i was born with, because I try to maintain impartiality, but I can’t help think these things.

 Offer a solution? I’m not qualified to do so. Nothing is required to entitle one to express an opinion other than to be informed, but solutions should only be offered when there is the opportunity and the will to do it. I don’t see the will to do anything radically different to what’s happening at the moment. I think that however the first step is to not be cowed, to not be terrorised by the terrorists, because that will acheive one of their goals.

 Plus, right after is probably the cheapest time for flights and deals ;P


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