Firefox Extensions

In tech on December 18, 2005 by karan

I expect every Firefox user out there to have switched to Firefox 1.5 by now; if not, go fetch. What I’m here to detail however is the extensions I use with Firefox – Firefox is good, but it’s not perfect at everything, and that’s what these extensions are for. I think you’ll find some of them useful.

  1. Adblock: This has got to be one of the most useful Firefox extensions around, although unfortunately it has been dulled in Firefox 1.5. Basically, you build up a list of ad filters which blocks sites that typically provide ads – e.g. After a little while, you’ll soon be browsing your favourite sites without a single flashy ad in sight.
  2. Download Statusbar: Makes the downloads box obsolete, removing one more window from Windows. Awesome extension that really should be the default behaviour.
  3. Tabbrowser Preferences: This extension lets you tweak the behaviour of the tabs – Firefox’s single best feature – so that they act in ways that feel natural and most comfortable to you.
  4. foXpose: Install. Open 4 different pages in tabs. Click on foXpose button (bottom left on status bar). Marvel. Enjoy.
  5. Forecast Fox: Weather is one of those things that you need to keep an eye on, and this lets you do it instantly with just a glance. Used to be more accurate when they were drawing their data from, but it remains a great tool to quickly find out weather – now, tonight, tomorrow, or the week ahead, free to configure as you wish.
  6. PDF Download: Great little feature which lets you bypass the massive load times of Acrobat in the browser. Basically, as you click on a PDF link, it will give a box of options which let you decide if you want to download it, open it, open in a new tab, etc.
  7. Right-Click-Link: Because you know it’s so annoying when someone forgets tags.
  8. LiveLines: quickly & easily adds RSS feeds to Bloglines and other RSS readers rather than using Firefox’s Live Bookmarks (which I think, while a step in the right direction, pretty much suck).
  9. IE View: One of the web developer extensions, it is never the less useful for most other people, for those occasions when you are forced to fall back to IE because a site is playing up. However, the IE Tab extension is also a worthy one that does much the same thing, but instead makes the tab an embedded IE window. It can be confusing, however, and is still a little buggy.
  10. Web Developer Toolbar: definitely one for the web developers, it is pretty much the Swiss Army knife of extensions, providing everything you need to play with HTML/CSS.
  11. FireFTP: Integrated FTP program in a web browser; How much more do you really need for those instant file transfers? =) There’s a whole bunch more of these XUL applications to check out too.

That’s my extensions. Can anyone suggest anything useful I haven’t mentioned here?


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