Overstating Much?

In opinion on February 15, 2006 by karan

Dana Vale this week claimed that, when considering the RU486 abortion pill debate, Australians are “aborting themselves out of existance”, and when you consider that Muslims have larger families it basically means Australia will be a Muslim state in 50 years. (newspaper article here) Vale thinks this in response to a Muslim priest-type person claiming that Australia will be a Muslim state in 50 years. She adds this wild claim to the fact that 100,000 abortions a year over 50 years means 5 million less “Aussies” and when weighed against the larger families of Muslims makes it a sure bet that Christian society as we know it in Australia is doomed.

Is it just me that considers this a pile of ludicrous crap?

I’m not even going to argue on the numbers that Vale claims. It’s very simple maths but it’s also very dangerously stupid, not taking into account a hundred other factors about population growth at the very least. What I want to know is why this is being anything more than a shred of credibility when compared to Pauline Hanson’s statements about 8 years ago when she claimed Australia would soon be overrun by Asians. People laughed loudly in the face of that, and this deserves exactly the same treatment.

Looking at all of this, politics is looking like a very easy career path to get into, should you have the sheer bloody-mindedness to stick to it.


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