Windows on Mac

In tech on March 17, 2006 by karan

It's finally been done, and some guy is lucky enough to score $13,000 for his work – and I'm sure it wasn't easy work at that. But reading the instructions, which you can find from here, it's fairly straightforward – no more complex than installing Linux on a PC. Technically, Windows isn't being hacked – it's just a bootloader. And I suppose in the same way it's not Mac that's being hacked, although I can't imagine Apple would encourage it. It'll be voided warranty, that's for sure.

I'm also sure Apple's site is being hit with a number of orders for MacTels today =)

Update (09/Apr): Last week Apple released Boot Camp, an officially sanctioned "beta" software to let people do this without the technical know-how of the solution posted by blanka & narf. Given the comprehensiveness of this solution, and Apple's statement that it will include this capability by default in the next release of OSX, 10.5 "Leopard", suggests to me that Apple has worked on this behind the scenes already, and have had their hands forced by narf & blanka's solution for EFI booting. All credit to the solution worked out by hand, but Apple seem to have known it would happen and pre-empted this. Not that those guys are complaining – $13,000 is a decent payout in anyone's terms.

So what does Boot Camp mean? Officially sanctioned – if not supported – Windows installs on Mac machines. Which translates into sales for Apple, and sales for Microsoft. Who's complaining here? I don't think anyone really would be. Had this occured before the days of OSX and Microsoft's anti-trust case, there would have been uproar and despair and claims of Apple selling out. Instead, this is a very smart marketing move from a company moving from strength to strength and gaining the confidence to fight the war of public opinion on their own terms.

Apple hasn't made a mistake yet in moving to Intel chips, and if past experience is any real guide, their only real competition in the iPod market is themselves constantly one-upping themselves and moving away from the competition. Viva la Apple!


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