Systemic Bias

In opinion on July 28, 2006 by karan

UN Security Council fails to condem Israel for an attack on a UN Observer post in Lebanon

If there was ever an indication of a systemic bias in the USA’s actions, this is it. From the article,

The Security Council has adopted a statement saying it “is deeply shocked an distressed by the firing by the Israeli Defence Forces on a United Nations Observer post in southern Lebanon on 25 July, 2006.”

But it stops short of condemning the bombing.

Diplomats say the US refused to agree to any statement which criticised Israel

The UN is taking a right royal battering politically, not to mention the peacekeepers killed because Israel wants to fight their own version of a holy war. The US government stands idly by as the slaughter of civilians and the destruction of civilian infrastucture – a war crime – is openly perpetrated by Israel. It seems the US wants to play “See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil,” refusing to criticise Israel despite a clear, blatant “accident”.

It’s not alright.


2 Responses to “Systemic Bias”

  1. Bush and his administration are stubborn, evil bastards sometimes (arguably)… but they are consistent.

    I really do wonder how things would have been different had Kerry won the 2004 presidential election. Supposedly we’d be out of Iraq or something like that, we are already out of Afghanistan although it’s not as if we accomplished much in either place. I’m 100% sure that if we had pulled out by now, we’d still be criticized… but at least in the future it won’t be another vietnam.

  2. I don’t know what Kerry’s policies were in detail, but yeah, I still think the army would be in Iraq. But I do think Kerry would have been far quicker to get the UN & other nations on-side, and America would be reducing troop numbers by now…

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