Speak no English

In opinion, uni on January 31, 2007 by karan

In response to a claim that international students at universities have poor English skills, the Government says it “has no evidence” that this is the case.

If the Minister for Education would care to take a walk in a university and speak to these international students, perhaps to be in class when one of them presents, you’d find plenty of evidence. Anyone who has international students in their course can tell you the claim is absolutely true. And the situation is ludicrous, and the government’s see-no-evil do-no-evil approach isn’t helping.


2 Responses to “Speak no English”

  1. is this pretext to some sort of educational reform? i guess since most UCLA students are from california, the people with the poorest english skills are usually the professors…

  2. no, not really – it’s more shock-horror-scandal raised by the newspapers which is bleedingly obvious to all of us…

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