“Private” Schools

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More Privilege for the Privileged: The Federal government has no claim to being a support of public education on the basis of the money they actually provide for it. To quote:

“[T]he budget shows public schools getting 31 per cent of the money while the private schools get 69 per cent. But public schools … have two-thirds of the enrolments.”

(That doesn’t take into account state spending on education, which makes up the bulk of it, but it is in contrast to the Whitlam Government, which started federal funding of education and biased spending appropriate to enrollment.)

“[T]he minimum grant per student paid to private schools ranked as the least needy is now far higher than the grant per student paid to public schools.”

So even the richest private schools get more money than the poorest publics.

“Australia is the only country where … public funding for private schools is the dominant function of the national government – and constitutes the largest item in its education budget.”

So it’s clearly something that we’re on the outer for. And finally:

“Howard has not imposed anything much in the way of conditions on the big grants he’s paying to private schools. What they do choose to do – such as continuing to impose hefty annual fee increases on their parents – is up to them. By contrast, he and his minister are always coming up with new conditions they want to impose on public schools, and always threatening to withhold grants if the states fail to comply.”

If that doesn’t show how stupid and unfair the education funding from the government is, I’m not sure what will.


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