“Enhanced Interrogation Techniques”

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The Daily Dish compares and contrasts the Nazi torture intensified interrogations with that of the current American regime

If this doesn’t convince you that what is happening at Gautanomo and was occurring at Abu Gharib is entirely wrong and unjustified, or that the Bush administration has totally sold-out the moral high ground (did they ever have it?) in the name of their own agenda, I’m not sure what will.

The similarities are stunning; will a future administration be brave enough to call them on it and convict? Or will it fundamentally remain as a sop to “Middle America”, the Red states whose votes count for so much, and be passed off as a phase of history, possibly regretted but never fully apologised for?

I wonder if the revulsion that so many have for the Nazi regime would ever turn on the torturers enhanced interrogators of Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld et al. I suspect not; the wrong-doers in this case are English speaking and elected by the majority, so they see too much of themselves in the current regime (those who are already angry are justifiably so). Also, it’s committed on “their own watch”; they re-elected these guys, despite it all.

What hath September 11 2001 wrought?


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