Mac OSX Snow Leopard cheaper in Australia?

In tech on June 8, 2009 by karan Tagged: , , ,

This morning I find that Snow Leopard, a.k.a. Mac OSX 10.6, will be released in September. It’ll cost US$29 to upgrade, which is way down on the usual US$129. I’m used to paying a significantly larger amount here in Australia for any Apple products though, so I thought I’d check what the price will be here on the Snow Leopard Australia page… and I get the following:

Snow Leopard in Australia

… so only AU$14.95 in Australia? Wow, how’s that work?

This here’s evidence for when they raise the price at a later date.

Update: Curiouser and curiouser – New Zealand page shows NZ$19, Canada page shows CA$29… Japan, India, UK, Germany, and France sites don’t mention upgrade prices, only that it comes with a new Mac (couldn’t help you with other languages). Perhaps price to be determined at a later date?

Update 2: And now there’s no price on pages outside the US. Hmmm.

Update 3: Final selling price was $39.95. Still would like to throw this at ’em to try to get some money back :)


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